Anime Studio Debut 11.2

Anime Studio Debut 11.2

Animation program for creating 2D cartoons, anime and cut out animations
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There are many editors and converters for pre-existing videos, but much less attention is usually paid to the editors that allow creating your own videos of animations. Anime Studio Debut is here to fix that.

Despite its name, the program is not dedicated exclusively to Japanese style of animation. In fact, in it, you can make animation of any style you want - from Disney to anime to something even more exotic. Various features of Anime Studio Debut let you have full creative control over visual style and framing.

The basis of the program is the so-called bone-rigging - a technology of animation that saves a lot of time sparing you the tedious work of frame by frame animation. Bone-rigging makes creating scenes with the characters you design a lot easier and faster. Basically, you appoint bodily physics to the models of your characters, so that they move realistically without having to adjust their every move every time you want them to move. You just find a bone point you want to move, and the model moves appropriately.

Bone-rigging is used together with the interface timeline - a tool for scheduling and controlling your scenes. It lets you assign tasks and tools, as well as use Key Frames, a core element in creating animations and provide a level of speed and organization to your workflow previously unimaginable to amateur animators.

You can also draw the pictures you want to animate directly in Anime Studio Debut. The program is equipped with complex drawing tools for vector-based picture creation. After you draw and animate what you need, you can add audio tracks and sound effects, and even provide automatic lip syncing.

Other useful functions include image and sound tracking, extended character creator, options to convert the finished video into WEB-formats, etc.

The editor is supplied with extensive manuals, training tips and even Beginner's Mode helping inexperienced users grasp the full potential of the program. It makes Anime Studio Debut a product even children can learn to use.

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  • Extensive set of animation tools
  • Easy animation technology


  • Requires a lot of training and learning to use


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